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Can your “S” cam brake maintenance be improved?

  • Is your old core bin full of half-worn shoes?
  • Is the bottom shoe wearing out faster than the top shoe on your “S” cam brakes?
  • Do you have problems complying with brake stroke checks at roadside inspections?
  • Do you need to adjust brakes regularly to avoid problems at roadside inspections?
  • Do you feel your automatic brake adjusters don’t always perform as they should?
  • Do you need to replace cams and bushings more often than every 3rd reline?
  • Is your brake maintenance cost higher than you think it should be?

If some of these issues concern you, talk to us and we will be able to help.

We offer:

  • A proven repair procedure for “S” cam brakes on trailers and trucks used by hundreds of satisfied motor carriers
  • Solutions to all cam-bushing related problems like uneven lining wear, excessive brake noise
  • Help in reducing brake fading and automatic brake adjuster problems
  • Improved brake performance and safety
  • Reduced maintenance cost

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  • Regular lubrication ensures 20 times more durability than regular cam-bushings
  • Removes excessive play between cam and bushing
  • Peak performance of automatic brake adjusters means shorter brake stroke
  • Helps keeping brake chamber push rod travel within specifications
  • Reduced cam-to-bushing friction means improved braking capacity
  • 25% Added brake life / no more half-worn brake shoes in the old core bin
  • No cam work for many future relines
  • Simple 40 minute per axle procedure with easy to use “DO IT YOURSELF TOOL KIT”
  • Available at certified installers across Canada
  • Available through Original Equipment Manufacturers


Follow links below for detailed installation procedure

SMCO-DA-1.2 MANUAL DRIVE AXLE ENG 2009 -01-16 rev2

SMCO-TA-1.3 MANUEL Trailer axle ENG 2009-05-19 rev3

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