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” Optimum Contact ” is a permanent cam-bushing system

Quit repeating endless maintenance operations & control your brake maintenance cost

 The average cost of repair for changing two cams and a set of bushings is approximately $ 370.00 dollars per axle.


  • 2 camshafts                            $ 30.00 @                                                              =   $ 60.00
  • 1 bushing set ( including shims, dust-seals, snap-rings )                              =   $ 20.00
  • 2 oil seals                                $ 25.00 @                                                              =   $ 50.00
  • 4 hours of labour                  $ 60.00 @                                                              =  $ 240.00

                                                                                             Total cost per axle            $ 370.00


The addition of ” Optimum Contact “ to your fleet is $ 260.00 per axle  ( most common models ), which raises your repair cost to  $ 630.00 per axle.  This is about twice the regular repair cost.

This investment allows you to make a saving of $ 370.00 per axle for every future brake job, and this for the rest of the life expectancy of your trailer or truck.

  • On average, a trailer needs a brake job every 2 years.
  • If the service life of that trailer is 12 years, it will require 6 brake jobs during this time.
  • An investment of $ 260.00 per axle (on most common models ) is needed to install

” Optimum Contact “ RIGHT AT THE FIRST BRAKE JOB, or later in the life of the unit.

  • When the next brake job is due, you will save $ 370.00 per axle because you won’t need to change the cam and bushings again, because they will outlast the trailer.
  • This saving paid the initial investment of $260.00 spent on the first job.
  • You still have 4 more brake jobs in which you will save $370.00


Just by saving on cam & bushing changes alone



  • Less downtime for your trailers because of worry free inspections at scales.
  • 100 % performance of the automatic slack adjusters = brake stroke within specs.
  • 35% added brake life (bottom shoes stop dragging at the bottom of the drums).
  • Allows you to invest in better lining materials (adding more brake life).
  • Less downtime because the law enforcement agents know your units are reputed for their compliance to safety standards.
  • Less brake maintenance downtime (tandem trailer relined in less than 2 hours).
  • 10% additional braking power transfer to “S” cam head = shorter stopping distance.
  • Improved reliability of brake system.
  • Permanent repair backed up with a limited 5 year warranty.


Why us

Because you deserve an impartial opinion oriented towards your best interests.

  • No brand name discrimination / we evaluate and discuss all OEM and aftermarket brands
  • Industry certified / seasoned facilitators
  • State-of-the-art tutorials and training programs
  • Outside-the-box thinking
  • Custom made solutions to your tech support needs
  • High Performance wheel end components
  • Innovative maintenance tools

On-the-floor Technical Support

  • In house “Standard Operational Procedure” development
  • Recurring issue diagnosis and corrective procedure development
  • Warranty claims’ assistance & legal representation
  • Technician assistance & on-the-floor training
  • Customized training programs with hands-on practice
  • Entry level technician coaching

Our Technical Training Products

  • Air Brake Systems’ training
  • Wheel end maintenance training
  • Electric / Hydraulic Tail gate maintenance
  • Electrical basics and troubleshooting
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Custom made training courses
  • External conference room classes
  • Internal training in your premises

Testimonials Section

« A very big “Thank you” for your great effort and rapid intervention. Our recurring maintenance issues have been resolved. Your “outside the box” thinking brought the solutions others failed to recommend. »          J. Smith, CEO  /  Transport industry leader

The level of efficiency has improved considerably in our repair shops since we signed onto your tech support program. We plan to have your facilitators come in on a regular basis to help our techs improve their skill levels. We appreciate the knowledge and dedication of your staff.    Thank you!                                    T. Di Iorio  /  Independent repair shop   (Ontario)

High Performance Product

Our High Performance wheel end components are engineered from the diagnostic of failure analysis of regular parts. Improvements are tested and evaluated to ensure that design corrections enhance the performance and quality of the targeted components. In many applications these components become permanent replacement parts.

Our Optimum Contact cam-bushing system is available through selected Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Innovative Maintenance Products

Our INJECT-AIR preventive maintenance foggers help eliminate cold weather freeze-ups and premature wear of internal pneumatic components. Periodic fogging during regular scheduled maintenance lubricate air systems for problem free operation during all seasons. Approximately $1 dollar per treatment.

Diesel Fuel Conditioners that outperform most products on the market, clean up EGR systems & coolers and resolve regeneration issues for pennies per liter.