Maintenance management

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Staff retention program development

Training your staff costs substantial amounts of money and resources. Good help is hard to find and recruitment costs are important when turnover becomes constant.

  • What can you do to prevent your employees to cross over to your competitors after they improved their skills and efficiency through training and experience?
  • How do you motivate employees to improve on their skills and competencies?
  • How to generate a sense of loyalty and belonging among your staff?
  • How can one secure staff retention to wreak the benefits of training?

Our experts can look at your operations and recommend solutions suited to your needs.

Cost evaluation and measurement

  • Maintenance management software implementation
  • Customizing maintenance software to meet your fleet management needs
  • Record keeping
  • PMVI management

Component performance evaluation

  • Measuring the performance of OEM components
  • Measuring the performance of aftermarket components
  • Measuring vehicle performance

Technician performance improvement

  • Incentive / penalty programs
  • Training programs