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Can your “S” cam brake maintenance be improved?

    • Is your old core bin full of half-worn shoes?
    • Is the bottom shoe wearing out faster than the top shoe on your “S” cam brakes?
    • Do you have problems complying with brake stroke checks at roadside inspections?
    • Do you need to adjust brakes regularly to avoid problems at roadside inspections?
    • Do you feel your automatic brake adjusters don’t always perform as they should?
    • Do you need to replace cams and bushings more often than every 3rd reline?
    • Is your brake maintenance cost higher than you think it should be?

Bottom brake shoe wearing out faster than the top shoe

Brake stroke compliance problems

Continuous brake adjustment issues

Automatic brake adjuster problems

Lower brake maintenance cost

Cam bushing problems

Loose cam bushings

Excessive cam play

Worn cam bushings

Wheel end maintenance

Improve brake performance

Uneven lining wear

Permanent cam bushing solution

High performance brake components

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